Long Time, No Talk…

The fact that I still have followers on this blog amazes the hell out of me. This is my first post in almost five years, and I appreciate those of you who still follow me (whether or not you just forgot to unfollow my active blog). Life’s been a rollercoaster ride; I guess I can give you a brief update.

Sad part out of the way first: I didn’t finish school due to my untreated mental illnesses, though I wish I did. My best friend Courtney died on December 23, 2015 from cancer. (She was the friend who ran Earplugs Required and Musicians Opposed to Bullying.) After Courtney died, the site got shut down without my doing and kept me from continuing her legacy. M.O.B. turned into a shit show after a bunch of drama. All of this caused me to give up on music (and even writing) a bit.

Happier times now. Woo! I began treating my mental illnesses, made friends much easier, and grew up a lot. I found a new outlet called Amplified Edge to write for (and eventually be an editor for). I found myself a nice man who is a professional wrestler when not at his day job. We’ve been together over two years now, and we live together on our own…amazing feat since I always thought I would never leave my mom’s house. But the stress of all these changes also caused me to fall out of music for a while.

Fast forwarding to today, things are starting to steady a little bit more. I am creeping back into my journalism again. The love I had for music is sparking up like it once did before which feels so good! And, since that love is sparking up like it is, that made me want to resurrect this blog and mold it to my style today.

I don’t have a concrete method of organizing things yet, but I will keep you posted once I figure out this new layout better. Also, please do not judge my posts from 2014 and earlier. I know I was a cringey depressed kid who didn’t really get writing as well at the time. So let’s pretend those posts don’t exist, okay?

Welcome back, everyone! Hope you enjoy the new content to come!

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