About Me & The Blog


Greetings to all! My name is Jessica, and I am a music-loving writer who combined her biggest passions to create a dream. I entered the world of music journalism in 2013 after meeting my best friend Courtney Campbell and joining her online publication

Earplugs Required. I wrote for the website and did interviews/PSA with her for her nonprofit organization (Musicians Opposed to Bullying) until shortly after her death in 2015. I also did some band publicity work on the side during that time.

After a little over a year-long break, I entered the world of music writing again with Amplified Edge. Our editor-in-chief Katherine Little kindly brought me on board as a writer which then grew into also serving as an editor. Best of all, I still work with the publication to this day. My work includes news articles, artist features, show/music reviews, and artist interviews.

Other than writing about music, I primarily focus on writing poetry and (screen)plays. I am also one of the biggest animal lovers you will ever meet and love dog-sitting when I get the opportunity. (I also have this interesting hobby of working in professional wrestling since my boyfriend is a wrestler.)

As far as navigating the blog, I have featured posts above to get you started. Otherwise, the categories are in the menu at the top.

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